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WI fY Academy is known as the best teaching for IIT Coaching (Physics, Chemistry Maths & Biology). We as a unit has designed a system which will develop interest for science in student and their preparation will be guided by means of various assignment and activities. Scheduled Lectures and timely assessment will not let situation of vacuum emerge in the mind of student. If it happens, proper psychological methods will employed for the counseling and motivation of students.

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  • Batches Starting for AY - 2019-20 :

      ICSE (VIII, IX & X)

       7th March

      CBSE (VII, IX & X)

       7th April

      XI & XII ( ENGG + MEDICAL)

       7th April

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I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but i fear the man who has practised one kick 10,000 times.
- Bruce Lee

At WI fY Academy, it's our belief that we have a tendency to return to the society that has given us such a lot. we all grasp that education is one in all the key factors for the expansion of any country. we giving career guidance and counsel to our students so that they'll develop a scientific streak and think about a career selection within the Science and Technology streams. we provide them recommendation and guidance on the way to prepare and develop a robust foundation for the Engineering and Medical entrance exams. we welcome you at WI fY Academy with the commitment that we are going to put our whole hearted efforts to achieve what you and your parents have dreamt of.


Our Students Says

"IIT an impossible dream without WI-fY."


Saurabh Meena Top rank holder

WI fY made our parent active participant in our studies.


Villari Patel (GMERS, MED. College, Valsad)

"Regular test and discussion improved me a lot."


Dhwanil Patel (NIRMA UNI. A'bad)

"We Got everything we asked for. Thank you WIfY."


Dhwani Desai (AMITY UNI. Panwel)

"I never came across a doubt iunsolved for morte than 2 years."


Aasha Gandhi (GCS, Med. College, A'bad)

"Teaching was such that we visualised everything in class."


Shailee Shroff (GMRS, Himmatnagar, A'bad)

"Strategy was devised for me and its implementation was ensured by WIfY."


Parth Patel (NIRMA UNI. A'bad)

"Personal attension and 24*7 availability of faculties worked for me."


Siddharth Gujarati (IET Lucknow)

"I own my success to my parents blessings and highly dedicated faculties of WIfY."


Zankhesh Desai (GMC Surat)

"Best study material and periodical assessment catalysed my academics."


Kathan Vasani (BITS Pilani, Goa)

"Concept learning is better experience with IITIANS"


Dirgham Maniar (BDC A'bad)

"Faculties were at hand distance 24*7"


Parth Prajapati(G H PATE College Of eng. Tec.)

"WIfY gave me world me and my parents dreamt of"


Yashin Bhimani (IIT Dhanbad)

"Guidence and support of WIfY harnessed of me."


Sagar Singh(DAIICT)

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